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Getting dirty to make it clean. CBH Homes Adopts Highway 69 in Meridian Idaho!

CBH Homes and the Kuna Square One have adopted highway 69 in Meridian, Idaho. The two mile stretch on Meridian Road spans between Victory and Lake Hazel. 13 volunteers from CBH Homes set out early on Saturday morning with their orange vests, gloves, jeans and boots to make the Meridian highway a cleaner place!

We found everything from rope, hats, shoes, empty bottles, grocery bags, sprinkler heads, candy wrappers, full beer cans, shirts and the list goes on and on. It’s amazing how much garbage is actually on the side of the road that we drive by each and every day. One of the main contributors to garbage is open truck beds that have trash in the back. The wind picks up while driving and the garbage often flies out the back without the driver even knowing! Do us all a favor, if you have a truck like myself, secure any and all items either inside the truck itself or in a manner that wont allow them to fly out!

This was a great experience for all of us and we look forward to maintaining this stretch of Highway 69 on Meridian road in the near future! If you or your company would like to adopt a stretch of the highway, click here.


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