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Boise - why are you moving?

To some of you, this may seem like a silly question. The reason this may seem like a silly or bazaar question is that you almost never ask yourself this. Believe it or not, one of the most important steps in buying a home, and often over looked, is recognizing your true motivation for moving. I have seen many buyers in the past tell me that they are moving so they can get more space, only to see them actually downsize into a home that fit some other need better then their current living situation does.

I’ve also had clients tell me they “need” to move closer to work. Yet after we looked at a few homes and I asked them a few questions, they actually needed more space and weren’t as concerned with the proximity to work as they initially were. Although the commute to work might have been the spark that ignited the fire which led them to purchasing a home, we soon found out that the commute to work was no longer the fuel for that fire.

You might initially want to move from your place because you can’t stand your neighbors. While that may be a good reason to move, why not acquire some other life “upgrades” in the process? If you can look yourself in the eye and truly answer that you would change nothing about your current living situation with the exception of your neighbors, than you are the exception to the rule. We can all look at our current living situations and find some way to improve them. Whether we need to move to improve them is the real question. With our neighbor situation, you could always ask your neighbors to move, right? That might not go over so well.

Take a look at this short video and work to find out what YOUR motivation for moving is.

Maybe you currently live in Kuna and you would like to move to Boise for a closer commute? Maybe you heard great things about the Meridian School District and want to send your kids there. Maybe you want a neighborhood in Nampa that has CC&R’s so you don’t have to worry about your neighbor building a hot pink shed or putting down indoor/outdoor AstroTurf for their lawn(I’ve seen that before…seriously!). Maybe you have family that lives in Caldwell and you would like to move closer? Whatever the reason is, don’t lose sight of it!

I hope you enjoyed this blog and video. Feedback? Please comment below or contact me at or (208)284-0829.

Thanks for reading and watching!


Chase Craig

Licensed Idaho Realtor

Boise Idaho Real Estate
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