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Boise HOA Dues - What are they good for?

If you have been looking at Boise or Meridian real estate recently, you’ve probably noticed that some homes in the area have Home ownership Association Dues or HOA Dues. In those communities that have pools, parks and clubhouses, it’s pretty obvious what your money is going towards. But what about those communities that don’t seem to have much, yet you still have to pay a fee?

Here are some possible things that your HOA Dues may be going towards:

Frontage - This would be any common space that acts as a buffer between your community and a main road. There is typically grass and trees that need to be maintained in those areas.

Pressurized Irrigation - Some communities cover your cost for pressurized irrigation with your HOA dues. This may also cover the cost to run and maintain the pump if your community has its own irrigation pump.

Common Areas - This can be anything from a park to a drainage swale. Any common space that is not owned by a homeowner. They might have to pay taxes, water or maintain said areas.

Fencing - Typically, fencing that borders the edge of the communities is maintained by the homeowners association. Any time this fencing gets damage or needs to be replaced, the HOA will tend to it.

Playground Equipment- While this may have been initially installed by the developer of the property, it is maintained by the homeowners association. At some point in time the playground equipment may require maintenance or replacement, in which your HOA dues that you have been paying will hopefully be able to cover that cost.

Pools and Clubhouses - This is one of the more obvious needs for HOA dues. One of the biggest expenses for the pools also happens to be the least acknowledged, insurance. Liability insurance is likely the largest expense for the pool.

Property Management - With a HOA comes Covenants, Codes and Restrictions or CC&R’s. When someone violates the CC&R’s, someone from either the HOA board or the property management company has to write a letter to the particular homeowner which entails the time to write the letter as well as the materials and postage. Property management companies typically take a certain percentage of every person’s HOA payment per their contract. This is typically 7%-10% of what you pay.

That should cover most of the fees that your HOA due’s will be going towards.

Why do some communities charge significantly more than other communities that have the same features?

Example - a community in Meridian, Silverleaf, Charges $700 a year while a similar community in Boise, Devonshire, only charges $250 per year. They both have pools, parks and common areas but one of them is charging almost 3 times as much. The reason? The amount of homeowners that actually live in the community and pay their dues every year. Devonshire has more homes paying dues than Silverleaf in Meridian does which is more people to help spread the cost over.

There are a few other fees that you may encounter in purchasing a home in a community with an HOA.

Set up and Transfer Fee’s. In Idaho, these fees are typically coupled with each other on your closing statement. The set up fee goes towards the general HOA fund. The transfer fee is typically a managerial fee for the property management company.

Any questions about your particular community and why your due’s are what they are? Post a comment or contact me.

I hope this helps you better understand the process of HOA’s in communities in the Boise area.

Chase Craig
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